Wildlife at the House

Wildlife is abundant at Glenhoul Brae with many visitors to the immediate garden on a regular basis.  It's not uncommon to look out of the window and see hares grazing on the lawn, receive a visit from a friendly pheasant or a flyby from kites. buzzards and kestrels.  If you're very lucky you'll catch a glimpse of the resident stoat scampering about. Garden birds include chaffinches, tits, siskins, yellowhammers, goldfinches, blackbirds, crows, bullfinches, sparrows, house martins, swallows and wrens.  Hedgehogs put in an occasional appearance, as do lizards, newts and slow worms.  There's a pretty flower garden which attracts butterflies and bees and a wonderful smattering of wildflowers across the wider grounds including orchids, bluebells, harebells, grass of parnassus and sundews.  In the summer berries are abundant and the trees we have planted over the last 8 years are starting to form an ecosystem of their own.


The View